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DNZ Industry has displayed a progressive approach by adopting growth as a principle since its foundation in 2014. To meet customer needs in the industrial field and increase productivity, it delivers the most appropriate design, solution, and service support to the sector with its competent team.

By combining professionalism with the value that it attributes to people and nature, DNZ Industry aims to keep peace with entrepreneurship and change. With this approach, DNZ Industry continues its escalation with its energy fed by a dynamic business, quality focus, and commitment to teamwork.

DNZ has successfully completed 73 projects with minimum error and maximum efficiency by continuously improving industry quality standards.

DNZ Industry serves Turkish companies and the world's leading companies in many areas, including industrial turn-key installation, maintenance, manufacturing of components, and project management in line with customers' demands and re-adaptation. DNZ differentiates itself from its competitors in its services to many different sectors as of 2022.

Our priority

Under the leadership of universal management systems, without causing any harm to human health and the environment, to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and to deliver the products in the requested time by producing at a level that will allow our customers to be competitive in international markets.

By constantly improving our quality standards, we are approaching perfection with minimum error level and maximum efficiency.

Customer happiness

To make production that respects people and nature in all areas where we operate by adopting Customer Satisfaction and continuous development as the basic principle.

All our facilities and services are offered with complete project management capable of organizing, planning and executing the largest and most complex machinery installation contracts on behalf of our clients.

Today, as the subcontractor of the world's leading companies;

  • Providing to Glass Industry Machinery Installion,

  • Re-location Services, Lay Out Changing,

  • Turn Key Projects,

  • Cold Repair and Green Field Investments.

  • Float Glass, Lehr, Tin Bath and Cutting

  • Line Maintenance and New Installation over the world.

  • Project management

  • Factory Installation

  • Layout Changes

  • Production Lines Disassembly and Assembly

  • Automation Systems Installations

  • All kinds of Mechanical & Maintenance works that the industrial sector may need

  • Mill maintenance especially used in the mining industry

  • Chemical / Storage industry Tank Maintenance

  • Piping works (Carbon Steel, Stainless)

  • Actuated Valve Assemblies

  • Pump Maintenance

We are proud of being a boutique company that is preferred in the production of all kinds of spare parts that require mechanical manufacturing.

DNZ differentiates itself from its competitors in its services to many different sectors as of 2022

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